Sustainable Investing Series

Sustainable Investing Tracker Study 2022 Update

NextWealth has released an update to the Sustainable Investing Tracker Study (formerly named the ESG Tracking Study).

The goal of the research is to understand and track how financial advisers are integrating ESG considerations into their businesses. The results will serve to educate and offer clarity to advisers on ESG/sustainable investing and allow providers to refine their distribution strategies.

The key findings from this year’s report include:

  •  Both advisers and providers are using the term ESG but are referring to different things. Much like how Americans and Europeans both enjoy ‘football’ but are talking about two different sports. Providers see ESG as a risk factor or an investment input. Advisers see it more as being about ‘doing no harm’ or ‘doing good’, an investment output to meet the subjective preferences of their clients. Which football do you mean?
  • Adviser confidence has fallen. Advisers are feeling less confident with most aspects of sustainable investing including on-going reporting, performance reporting and research of sustainable investing options are particular gaps for advisers.
  • E, S or G? Environmental inclusions are the most stated sustainable preference from clients social and governance factors are less well understood.

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