Five ways financial advisers can use video to better connect with clients

By Next Wealth | 29 March 2021 | 2 minute read

Heather Hopkins recently caught up with the enthusiastic Kate Holmes at Advice Tech Live about the many ways that financial advisers can use video to delight their clients. Kate is a CFP professional, co-founder of the Video Creation Masterclass and host of The Innovating Advice Show podcast. 

Five ways financial advisers can use video to delight their clients:

  1. Including video on your website’s home page, to give a flavour of your personality and your expertise;
  2. Using short 1 – 2 minute Frequently Asked Questions videos in other parts of the site, where there are opportunities to highlight your particular strengths and who your ideal clients are;
  3. Sending personalised pre-appointment welcome and introductory videos to new clients before you meet them, reminding them of anything they need to do to prepare for the meeting;
  4. Sending a personalised follow-up video after the meeting, summarising any agreed next steps for them and for you;
  5. Sending one-to-one personal messages from time to time throughout the year – to say Happy Birthday, congratulations, condolences or whatever is appropriate.

In case you’re a little daunted by  the prospect of becoming your own video star as well as your own movie director (not to mention scriptwriter and camera operator), Kate went on to reassure us that you really don’t need much in terms of equipment or special skills.

Top five video creation tips:

  1. The camera on your phone is fine (unless of course you’re the one person still using a 15-year-old Nokia 3200).
  2. The sound on your phone is probably fine, but it’s better with a microphone and headphones, like iPhone headphones.
  3. You don’t need any special lighting.  Ambient daylight is good – just avoid backlight and harsh shadows.
  4. Make sure your camera is at eye level, and maintain eye contact with it the whole time you’re speaking.  Imagine it’s a person.
  5. Get comfortable.  Just be relaxed, natural and authentic.  (For most of us this is probably the hardest one.  Practice makes perfect…)

To see Kate practising what she preaches, watch her full presentation here.

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