Risk profiling and suitability

We have put together user scores and reviews, a checklist of integrations and we give our own NextWealth view on each of the principal suitability profiling tools listed below. Click on a product name to see more, and if you have come across another good tool that you think we should cover here, please contact us.


A2Risk was created in 2006 with the first ATRQ System Attitude to Risk Questionnaire. Since then A2Risk provide questions which...

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Defaqto Engage

End-to-end financial planning software Defaqto Engage combines risk profiling functionality with whole of market investment, product and platform research that...

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Dynamic Planner

Dynamic Planner was founded in 2003 and is the UK’s most popular risk profiling and asset allocation investment process. It...

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EV Pro Risk

EV’s off-the-shelf psychometric questionnaire lets you identify a client's attitude to risk. It communicates investment risk in several ways, using...

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    FinaMetrica Profiler

    FinaMetrica Profiler leverages the power of the world’s best risk profiling tool to yield market-proven investment recommendations that “fit” every...

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    Oxford Risk

    Founded in 2002 by leading decision-science academics from Oxford University, we are experts in behavioural finance and financial well-being. We...

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    League Table: Risk profiling and suitability

    Our league table ranks the Risk profiling and suitability providers in order of the user's willingness to recommend. The rating is provided from the user reviews we have received. To be included providers must have received a minimum of 20 reviews.
    Num. of Reviews
    Based on 221 reviews
    Based on 130 reviews
    Based on 125 reviews
    Based on 97 reviews

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