Adviser Technology Map

By Next Wealth | 02 March 2020 | 1 minute read

At NextWealth we have mapped adviser technology including practice management systems, cashflow modelling tools, suitability tools, cash management providers, client portals, research tools and platforms. This map provides a wide understanding of the tools available to advisers across these categories. Detailing the most popular providers according to research surveys and conversations with UK advisers over the past year.

Along with this we decided to map the productivity tools being used by financial advisers to help spread the word about the tools that are working for other firms. While adoption of adviser tech, especially practice management systems and cash flow modelling is high, advisers are also using productivity tools widely adopted outside of financial services.

A poll across Twitter, LinkedIn and OctoMembers as well as conversations with financial advisers over the past few months about adviser tech has made it clear that these productivity tools are a key piece of the adviser tech puzzle in any modern financial advice business.


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