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About the provider

Money Alive is a B2B2C regulatory technology business. It’s multi-award winning video engagement platform enables advisers, pension scheme trustees and employers to provide their clients, prospects, members and employees with engaging, accredited and impartial education on a range of financial topics. Money Alive’s interactive educational box sets are delivered through its proprietary video engagement platform which provides analytics regarding an individual's engagement with the media. This gives them far-reaching applications including education and risk management.

Money Alive has also developed ‘Video Canvas’ which enables firms to create their own videos whilst still benefiting from the platform's forensic engagement reporting. Video canvases can be branded by clients and can include interactive tools and recap exercises.

Money Alive also offers integration via it’s API. Designed as a plug in, it allows platform licensees to onboard and offboard viewers flexibly and efficiently.

Money Alive services are dedicated to achieving better consumer outcomes.

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Money Alive Ltd is a privately owned company.

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Risk profiling and suitability

No integrations available for Back Office Systems

No integrations available for Cash Management

No integrations available for Cashflow Modelling

No integrations available for Client Portal

No integrations available for Platform

No integrations available for Research

No integrations available for Risk profiling and suitability


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